Coffee Filter Poppies - an easy and beautiful Remembrance Day craft for kids to make - Happy Hooligans

Coffee Filter Poppies

Coffee filter poppies: an easy remembrance day craft for kids, and a lesson in water aborption and colour blending.

The 29 Most Canadian Things To Ever Canada In Canada

The 29 Most Canadian Things To Ever Canada In Canada

"Outdoor rink closed due to weather conditions." I wouldn't be surprised that this sign has been there for some days already.

Poppy Craft for Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day

Remembrance Day Craft and Veterans Day Craft

Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day, get gluing with black beans or black beads, simple preschool craft

Beautiful watercolour Remembrance Day craft for childrne - easy poppy wreath craft for kids

Poppy wreath Remembrance Day craft for children

An beautiful poppy wreath Remembrance Day craft for kids - and easy poppy craft for kids.


Canada Home T-shirt

Canada - true north strong and free. I would LOVE a t-shirt like this :)

Racoons wait patiently at the bus stops in Stanley Park, Vancouver and then try to board

Raccoons trying to board the bus in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. Even animals sometimes get tired of walking.

Canadian Landmarks Worksheet

Canadian Landmarks

Teaching children about remembrance day and the special significance with crafts - creating a poppy wreath

Remembrance day wreath craft for young children

Remembrance craft for kids using egg boxes

Canadian Wilderness Play Dough Set | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

A gorgeous Canadian wilderness play dough set perfect for creating outdoor scenes with Canadian animals.