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Who else can not even believe Christmas is just 5 days away?! Are you celebrating at home or away?
Hosting or traveling for the holidays?
there are several different types of bath mats on the table with text that reads, i'd totally host a norwex party if
Norwex Party Themes ~ Carolyn Every Day
Norwex Party Themes
an advertisement for the norwex camping site is shown in green grass with items on it
Norwex is AMAZING in campers!! Here's a handy list!
an rv advertises the names and features for its products, such as toothbrushes
Norwex=smart camping! Bath towels, hair turbans, kitchen towels, hand towels- silver embedded in them keeps them smelling fresh and they dry uber fast! For cleaning, the mop, EnviroCloth, Window Cloth & Dust Mitt are essential. Love the welcome mat for pulling sand of their feet BEFORE they come in! Body Cloths are another essential. Dish Soap & Netted Dish Cloth are perfect for washing dishes quickly & the kitchen towel is perfect for drying! Odor Eliminator a must for the bathroom!
a truck parked next to a camper trailer in a field with trees and grass
We have jumped into the world of camping and are having so much fun! One thing I've quickly noticed is how HELPFUL Norwex is in a camper!!! Wow!!!