Japanese Mino porcelain teacup 3 – zen tea

Japanese Teacup Porcelain Minoyaki Cherry Blossoms Set of Delivery is Free

Japanese Tea Cups Of Imari Ware Blue And White Plum by Nippon2You

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Korean porcelain teacup - berry

Neat, elegant design: a single berry bush painted by hand on pure white porcelain.An accent was added to the white porcelain by using the potter’s wheel to c

Arita (Imari) porcelain teapot - maple

Simple and convenient porcelain teapot for everyday tea steeping.

Hiwakannyu Rokubei Cup

This cup has a rough soil texture on its outer surface that contrasts nicely with the light green and smooth edge and interior. The outer surface forms a spiral while the inside is smooth.

Black tea cup with flowers Hana Yuuzen

This beautiful gray cup has a pretty orange border. The inner and outer band is adorned with flowers reminding a traditional Japanese dyeing method

Kurosuishou Sori Cup

With its blue and black colors which beautifully contrast and its shiny and smooth texture, this lovely teacup is aptly named as 'Kurosuishou' means black crystal.

Photo1: Imari Arita japan fine china porcelain Japanese Teacup Autumn Flowers

GENUINE Japanese artistic crafts and Pottery Porcelain products will be delivered to you.

Japanese Mino porcelain teacup 1 – zen tea

Japanese Mino porcelain teacup 1 – zen tea

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