National Soyfoods Month 2015! #soyswaps

Have a beloved recipe? Chances are soyfoods can be swapped into it to add protein and nutrients for a heart-healthy alternative to your favorite foods. For example, tofu is so versatile you can use it instead of ricotta in lasagna or the cream in your pumpkin soup.
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Buffalo Tofu Strips - perfect #vegetarian #appetizer or starter for game day or any day. #recipe #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth

Buffalo Tofu Strips - serve with vegetables and dipping sauce for a shareable appetizer

Soy Butter Crinkle Cookies #nutfree #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth

Recipe brought to you by Don’t Go Nuts Soy Butter, developed by Melissa Harvey of Cajun Sugar Pie

Tabbouleh With Edamame & Feta = tasty side dish! Perfect and light for spring! Added protein from edamame means this #soyswap could be a good lunch, too. #soyfoodsmonth

Meat isn't the only contender in the protein circuit. Check out Silk® Protein+Fiber Almondmilk. Try it in a glass, over cereal or in a smoothie for big almond taste that’s as nourishing as it is

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s Plant-Powered Giveaway + Soy Myth Busters!

Curry Kabocha Squash Soup with Tofu #recipe by Chef Hugh Acheson

Curry Kabocha Squash Soup with Tofu by Chef Hugh Acheson

Tortilla Bake using textured vegetable protein #TVP #soyswaps #healthymexican #soyfoodsmonth

Tortilla Bake using textured vegetable protein

Power Fruit Smoothie using WESTSOY soymilk #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth

Delicious Strawberry Yogurt Drink - This delicious drink uses a yogurt base. The fresh strawberries used in this recipe not only give the drink a beautiful color, they also add a sweet taste

Sweet and Spicy Chik Salad is SO easy to make using @morningstarfrms Buffalo Chik Patties.  #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth #easyrecipes

Sweet and Spicy Chik Sala The sweet essence of fresh mango slices nicely complements the spicy Buffalo Chik Patties® on these salads.

Crispy #Tofu Parmesan Sliders appetizers look delish! Perfect for entertaining or just for dinner. #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth #recipe from @housefoodstofu

Crispy Tofu Parmesan Sliders from 15 Meatless Dishes Perfect for Lent (and Beyond) Slideshow

Going Cherry Nuts for Soy #trailmix using #SOYJOY bars #yum #snackonthego #healthysnacks #soyswaps #soyfoodsmonth

Going Cherry Nuts for Soy