Calgary Tower - Calgary, Alberta

Calgary tower, Calgary, Alberta, It was called Husky Tower when I visited.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary will always be my temporary home. Then, there will be heaven & Calgary won't seem that important anymore.

Spokane, Washington

Sam enjoys the big red Radio Flyer wagon at a city park in Spokane. The wagon is long and the handle is a slide.

Safeco Field

Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington Home of the Seattle Mariners I went to the game ever played here.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington I have been to the top of this tower.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington: Many, many times. First trip to Washington to visit my friend Kirstan in Spokane in high school. Later to visit in Seattle after she had her first baby.

Kelowna, BC

Kelowna BC, Favorite Canadian city, would probably live there if I could.

seattle, washington thisisrae

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