Butter Tart Squares

Butter Tart Squares

I am so happy I found this recipe. I had lost mine from our friends in Canada that own the lodge where I first had these. So sweet and delicious!


Newfoundland toutons are a local treat consisting simply of slowly fried pieces of white dough, often in pork fat, traditionally served with molasses.

Garlic Fingers Recipe

A Maritime (Canadian) favourite - garlic bread pizza, properly called Garlic Fingers. Serve dipped in Maritime Donair sauce.

Easy Homemade Canadian Winter Donut Recipe ::

Easy Homemade Canadian Winter Donut Recipe

Canadian beaver tail recipe to make homemade authentic Canadian beaver tales.


Old fashioned flapper pie, a true Canadian prairie classic! Easy to make yet so incredibly tasty,it

French-Canadian Pea Soup (Soupe aux pois)

French-Canadian Pea Soup (Soupe aux pois)

French-Canadian Pea Soup (Soupe aux pois) My Meme (Grandmother) was french canadian and this was a favorite meal we enjoyed.

Pâté Chinois /by The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado #vegan #recipe

Pate chinois

Although it’s technically been Fall for a while now, I’ve only just started getting into the cold weather spirit and started embracing pumpkin, warm spices and hearty comforting meals. It’s kind of…

Canadian Beaver Tails by Le Petrin, via Flickr

Canadian Beaver Tails with Canadian Maple Syrup. I have no idea what a Canadian Beaver Tail is but it looks tasty. Need a French Translation.


Ahhh Nova Scotia, Latin for New Scotland, is the last of Canada’s Maritime Provinces, and is located almost exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. While it is the second smallest p…


Being from the southern tip of Nova Scotia, I grew up eating rappie pie. This crusty Acadian potato dish is very well known in our area.