Kashmiri  Braised White Turnips  Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

Kashmir is known for its excellent turnips due to its temperate climate. Kashmiris are also masters at preparing this vegetable which is underestimated here.

Tex Mex Turkey Drumsticks Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

A simple and straightforward slow cooker recipe that you can assemble quickly. It lasts nicely in the fridge and makes leftovers for days.

Panch Phoran Shrimp Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

Panch phoran, the classic Bengalese masala, is a very versatile blend that is commonly added whole and roasted in the early stages of the recipe.

Amchur-Sautéed Potatoes Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

Amchur-Sautéed Potatoes [Try seasoning white sweet potatoes like this.

Varsa's Aloo Gobi  Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

Aloo (Hindi for ‘potatoes’) Gobi (‘cauliflower’) is a classic Indian dish. This recipe is courtesy of Varsa, one of our colleagues at Spice Trekkers.

Creole Crostinis Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

A recipe that marries Creole and Italian cuisine from “The Big Easy,” New Orleans.

Tamarind Chutney-Roasted Cornish Hen  Recipe  spicetrekkers.com

A simple recipe for two and one of our personal favorites. Enjoy the full flavors of roasted Cornish hen by preparing it in the oven or on the barbeque.