Cascade+Lakes, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada **Photo pinned by Western Sage and KB Honey (aka Kidd Bros)

With a cozy pair of Canadian mittens like these, cold hands will never be a problem again! The iconic red mittens are worn by Canadians in support of their winter Olympic athletes.

Jason, tentative name for the Bear Tribe chief's son. A blacksmith in training, relies on brute strength to win fights, in love with Jade.

Pacific white-sided dolphins speeding off the west coast of Vancouver Island , British Columbia, by SparkyLeigh

Our national little furry friend, the beaver, accompanied by our own Canadian flag.

Mary Maxim began with hand knit designs in the early influenced by the beautiful wildlife of North America. In celebration of their anniversary (!), we've created a nostalgic collection featuring the iconic curling sweaters and accessories tha

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The Whistler Blackcomb Mountains, British Columbia, Canada Canada (Canadian Tourism Commission // Commission canadienne du tourisme)