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Amazing Paint Combo Part 16: SW Natural Linen and SW Evergreen Fog are the perfect pair.
Looking for an incredible paint pairing for your home? Take a look at these beautiful colors: 1️⃣ SW Natural Linen: is a warm, neutral beige that can act as a calming backdrop in any space. It carries subtle yellow undertones which give it a cozy and inviting feel without being too heavy or dominating. This color works well in living spaces, bedrooms, and other areas where a neutral, soothing palette is desired. 2️⃣ SW Evergreen Fog: is a gentle green-gray with a touch of blue, and was named Sherwin Williams' 2022 Color of the Year for its versatility and sophistication. This color can serve as a bold statement or act with subtlety as a neutral, depending on the space and lighting.
a person holding up some paint samples in their hand, with the words sw 913 shin
Sherwin-Williams Shiitake Review + 30 Striking Color Palettes to Paint with Now
In the realm of paint, Sherwin-Williams Shiitake is a versatile hero. I've coupled it with hues that highlight its adaptability like here with SW Poolhouse, Stardew, and Extra White. For a home that's both stylish and inviting, check out my other fave palettes in my full review.
the five happlest interior colors to use in your home info graphic design
The Five Happiest Interior Colors to Use in Your Home - According to LiLu Interiors
a blue paint can with a wooden brush in it and the words sea of tranquility
490C-3 BALMY SEAS | Behr Paint Colors
an ocean scene is shown with blue, green and white colors on the beach in this color palette
Color Sea (design seeds)
Color Sea