Great Garden Ideas

These are just random ideas I've picked up along the way that I think would be great in mine or any garden. Some are functional, some are pretty but all very…
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an outdoor garden area with various plants and flowers in the center, along side a fence
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Read directions and learn how to make easy DIY projects for beautiful garden accents.
a row of wooden planters with plants growing in them on the side of a house
How to Build Potato Boxes
Short on garden space? Then a potato tower or potato box may be just what you need and we can show you just how to build a grow tower. We currently have a smaller yard that we have worked hard to create an attractive edible landscape. Growing potatoes in the ground doesn’t exactly conform to the small tidy asethetic we have going on. I had taken a class on intensive gardening and recalled there was such a thing as a potato tower. You can google potato boxes, potato towers, grow towers, an...
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a small greenhouse with windows on each side
How To Build A Simple Everyday Greenhouse
How To Build A Simple Everyday Greenhouse
an outdoor garden with lots of plants growing in the ground and some trees behind it
Raised Garden Beds
Plans for a trellis to add to a raised bed that won't mark the bed up with visible holes and is easy to disassemble for storage or moving to another bed.
a potted plant with the words how to grow a grape in a container on it
How to grow a grape vine in a container
Growing a grapevine in a container
an outdoor planter made out of wooden pallets with plants growing in them on the side of a house
10 Easy DIY Pallet Planter Box Ideas
Pallet Planters - Great vertical garden idea.
a wooden box filled with dirt next to a yard
Pretty Prudent
Subsurface irrigation system for raised garden beds, much more efficient water use. Keep the water where the roots need it. Cut down on fungi and molds.
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by flowers and rocks
Adding Warmth to the Landscape
Check out this awesome firepit! I can finally put all those leftover cobblestones to use, now.
a metal grate sitting on top of a wooden table
Living Green And Frugally
How to Make a Greenhouse Planting Bench… for Under $25… in Just One Day!
an assortment of plants hanging from the side of a wall with red string attached to them
Turn empty pop bottles into mini-planters. You can fill them with herbs! #gardening #healthykids
a man is using a pipe to fix a drain in the ground with a hammer
How To Build Your Own Self-Watering Planter
Self watering raised beds!