Breast Self Exam

DIY Breast Care essential oil blend, developed by a Naturopath to help manage her own breast cancer. Here’s the recipe for of the blend: Bay Laurel Frankincense (we recommend the blend of Frankincense Lemongrass Rose Otto Organic Jasmine Extract -

Insane facts about Canada…

Insane facts about Canada…

Funny pictures about Insane facts about Canada. Oh, and cool pics about Insane facts about Canada. Also, Insane facts about Canada.

last generation of canadian money

Canada banknotes - Canada paper money catalog and Canadian currency history I miss the old two dollar bill

Two Minutes Of Canada❤️ This Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face❤️

The makers of this video asked Canadians to share clips of their best travel experiences.

What fast food restaurant should I visit? (Assume the answer isn't NONE!)

The Flow (Charts) Of Food & Decision Making

Fast Food Flow Chart - deciding where to eat! I'm trying not to eat fast food but I thought it was slightly entertaining.

Another Canada milestone...

Another Canada milestone…

Manitoba colder than Mars right now? sagansense: “ Canada is having a cold snap at the moment. This week, in Southern Manitoba, the temperature reached a blisteringly frigid degrees Celsius, or.


I am Canadian and people from USA come up to me and are like "eh. Want soda eh? Like that maple eh?

13 Awesome Things You Didn't Know Were Made in Canada

Forget Labatt’s beer and maple syrup. Canadians have created plenty of awesome and strange stuff, and here are 13 things you probably didn’t know were proudly made in Canada.


Cold in America? That’s cute…

Canada... #lol #funny #canada

Canada flag halifax 9 - Flag of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The crimes, while horrid, are still way less frequent than in the United States: | 38 Reasons Everything Is Way Better In Canada

Canadian Crime Scene, A Double-Double Homicide. For those of you who don't know-- a Tim Hortons coffee with two creams and two sugars is called a double-double.

Yes I am- coolsexyvibes

Yes I am- coolsexyvibes