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This large shoulder bag reminds you to look out for depression and sadness, and to turn that despair into something positive.

Here at Wearable Therapy, we’re an event sponsor. with one of our shirts, hoodies, or accessories. Many of our designs are centered around mental health issues

shoulder sling bag, colorful, black strap, words, art

This motif, designed bag is all about embracing all of the sides of you and letting people see that the whole of who you are is amazing!

Hang in There - Reusable Bag

Everyone can feel overwhelmed with problems, suicide isn't the answer. Use this bag to remind you to turn something negative into something positive.

Fearless Motif - Reusable Bag

This reusable bag design reminds you to be fearless. You are strong, positive, and accomplished.

Hope Motif - Reusable Bag

This design isn't only about keeping you hopeful, but gives others hope as well. This reusable bag reminds you to stay positive.

Choose Happiness Motif - Reusable Bag

This unique and original reusable bag design will give you that reminder to choose happiness and always find the positive in everything.

Creativity Motif - Reusable Bag

Creativity is a wonderful thing, and this design celebrates that. This reusable bag lets you celebrate creativity for all its magic and wonder.