A vivid, beautiful totem pole in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. #Canada #Canadian #First_Nations

First Nation Totem Poles, Stanley Park Canada Stock Photos - Royalty Free Vancouver Stock Photographs

Aboriginal identity in Canada. By 2015, people of First Nations descent will compose of 25% of the total population in British Columbia.

Aboriginal Canada

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey shows that people had an Aboriginal identity in Projections show that the Aboriginal identity population in Canada could be million.

A history of residential schools in Canada

A history of residential schools in Canada

After 6 yrs, $60 million, 6000 testimonies from Residential school survivors, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission releases its report today... How should the Canadian public participate in reconciliation?

Truth and Reconciliation: Not an aboriginal problem, a Canadian one

Female students and a nun pose in a classroom at Cross Lake Indian Residential School in Cross Lake, Manitoba in a February 1940 archive photo.

In 1867, the Canadian government introduced the Indian act, it stated that the native peoples would have to live on reserves, and that the native children would have to go to residential schools, they also had to leave their culture and be more European. The natives were hopeless because of the loss of food source, they agreed so they would have a small amount of land and a chance to be farmers instead of death. Now the agreement has affected many aboriginal lives due to residential schools.

Part 2 of 3 Central Okanagan School District presents Angela White and the Indian Residential School Survivors' Society as a guest speaker on Canada's Reside.

{WANT TO READ} The Reason You Walk by Wab Kinew // a fall release - published September 29, 2015

June 2016 - The Reason You Walk - Wab Kinew Great book. A wonderfully told family story, an insiders view of Aboriginal history and Life.

This map of the Ojibwa medicine wheel has as its inspiration, the cycles of the sun, moon and stars. In this map, many of the important locations have been identified with animals, which have very real significance to the Ojibwa.

Constructing a Medicine Wheel