Witchlanders - Lena Coakley  High in their mountain covens, red witches pray to the Goddess, protecting the Witchlands by throwing the bones and foretelling the future.  It's all a fake. Laced with rich, imagined histories; miles of catacombs; and prophecies true and false, Witchlanders takes place in an evocative, tantalizingly vibrant world and raises equally evocative questions: Who gets to defines history? -OLA


Witchlanders by Lena Coakley YARP Middle School Nominee

White Pine 2013

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The Way We Fall: The Fallen World Trilogy - Megan Crewe  “When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again.  But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike.  As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back. -OLA

The Way We Fall: The Fallen World Trilogy

The Way We Fall (Fallen World, / Megan Crewe "Sixteen-year-old Kaelyn challenges her fears, finds a second chance at love, and fights to keep her family and friends safe as a deadly new virus devastates her island community.

Way to Go - Tom Ryan  Danny thinks he must be the only seventeen-year-old guy in Cape Breton-in Nova Scotia, maybe-who doesn't have his life figured out. His buddy Kierce has a rule for every occasion, and his best friend Jay has bad grades, no plans and no worries. Danny's dad nags him about his post-high-school plans, his friends bug him about girls and a run-in with the cops means he has to get a summer job. Worst of all, he's keeping a secret that could ruin everything. -OLA

Way to Go

All about Way to Go by Tom Ryan. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers

The Opposite Of Tidy - Carrie Mac  Fifteen-year-old Junie is barely coping. Her mother has started sleeping in the chair in front of the TV, and the house is so packed with junk, newspapers, cupboard organizers and other helpful items from the Shopping Channel that she can barely get in the front door. Until the day Junie''s world - and her mother''s - is literally turned inside out for everyone to see, and Junie and her mother must face the consequences of her mother''s illness. -OLA

The Opposite Of Tidy

Fifteen-year-old Junie has a very unique problem; her mother is a hoarder, her father ran off with their life coach, and Junie is very much the parent in this situation.

First Day On Earth - Cecil Castellucci  Mal lives on the fringes of high school. Angry. Misunderstood. Quiet, but with a lot of words underneath.Seven years ago, Mal disappeared for three days. Everyone tells him it was a breakdown, a seizure, something medical. He thinks it was something different. An alien abduction.But there’s no way for him to know for sure. -OLA

First Day On Earth

First Day on Earth by Cecil Castellucci "A startling, wonderful novel about the true meaning of being an alien in an equally alien world.

Forest of Reading® Promotional Video

Forest of Reading® Promotional Video

Karma - Cathy Ostlere  On October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi is gunned down by two Sikh bodyguards. The murder sparks riots in New Delhi.  It is into this chaos that fifteen-year-old Maya and her Sikh father, Amar, arrive from their home in Canada. India's political instability is the backdrop and catalyst for Maya's awakening to the world. Karmais the story of how she straddles two cultures, endures personal loss, and ultimately learns forgiveness, acceptance, and love. -OLA

Karma: a Novel in Verse by Cathy Ostlere. After the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination, Maya and her father are separated and she must rely on Sandeep, a boy of a different faith, to reunite them.

Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald  Seventeen-year-old Sadie is in love: epic, heartfelt, and utterly one-sided. The object of her obsession - ahem, affection - is her best friend, Garrett Delaney. -OLA

Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald Seventeen-year-old Sadie is in love: epic, heartfelt, and utterly one-sided. The object of her obsession - ahem, affection - is her best friend, Garrett Delaney.

All Good Children - Catherine Austen  Quick-witted, prank-pulling graffiti artist Maxwell Connors is more observant than the average New Middletown teenager.  And he doesn`t like what he sees.   New Middletown`s children are becoming frighteningly obedient, and their parents and teachers couldn`t be happier.  As Max and his friend Dallas watch their classmates transform into model citizens, Max wonders if their only hope of freedom lies in the unknown world. -OLA

OLA Forest of Reading: 2013 White Pine Nominees

Dark Inside - Jeyn Roberts  Mason's mother is dying after a terrible car accident. As he endures a last vigil at her hospital bed, his school is bombed and razed to the ground, and everyone he knows is killed. Aries survives an earthquake aftershock on a bus, and thinks the worst is over when a mysterious stranger pulls her out of the wreckage, but she's about to discover a world changed forever. -OLA

After tremendous earthquakes destroy the Earth's major cities, an ancient evil emerges, turning ordinary people into hunters, killers, and insane monsters but a small group of teens comes together in a fight for survival and safety.