Paleowolf Paleowolf is a tribal/dark ambient project aimed at invoking the ancient spirits of prehistoric past. The era of Paleowolf is set in times before, during and after the Ice Ages, when humans were still living the lives of hunter-gatherers.

Prehistoric shamanic music, ritualistic calls from the depths of the Ice Age caves. Ancient shaman draws his inspiration and energies from the natural forces.

New full length album called "Genesis" is released and it continues the path Paleowolf firmly walked these past 2 years.

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Genesis, by Paleowolf

1 Hour Stone Age Prehistoric Meditative Shamanic Ambient music (by Paleowolf)

The distant memory. Paleowolf is a prehistoric/shamanic themed ambiental project. If you want to buy full albums an.

An excerpt from the material currently in the work. It's another rendition of the first, and so far the most popular track by Paleowolf, "Hunter".

Direwolf - an inhabitant of the Northern soil during the Ice Age, this fearsome predator was a direct competition to the Sabertooth.

Official debut full length release by prehistoric tribal ambient project, Paleowolf.

A forest is a magical place, an primordial home in which humanity grew up and took some of the first steps. At the dawn of time, surrounded by the green and .