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an old man in a top hat and green coat holding a cat with the caption, i'm rat rah boomad ave
*GEORGE HATECOURT ~ The Aristocats, 1970
the cat and dog are standing on stools in front of an easel with paintings
Disney's: Aristocats
*TOULOUSE ~ The Aristocats, 1970
two cartoon characters kissing each other in front of a mirror with bottles on the table
a cat that is standing next to a piano keyboard with sticks in it's paws
a cartoon cat playing a guitar while wearing sunglasses
a cartoon character sitting on the ground in the dark
a cartoon dog with a red bow on it's head sitting next to a tree
Disney News | Disney
a cartoon mouse wearing a yellow shirt and green hat with his hands in the air
a cartoon mouse sitting on the ground holding a flower in its hand and looking at something
Be a pirate or die
This is me waking up in the morning. All disgruntled like : )
the fox and the hound are talking to each other in front of a forest with lots of trees
*LITTLE JOHN & ROBIN ~ Robin Hood, 1973