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One day I'll have one of these in my backyard. Love!

Weeping Willow Trees can grow up to 8 ft. a year, giving you a beautiful fast growing shade tree. Add a Weeping Willow Tree to your yard for a graceful shade tree.


Elephants are astonishing creatures—deeply affectionate, highly intelligent, and without peer in the animal kingdom when it comes to their capacity for rich emotional lives and relationships. What can we learn from the highly evolved elephant.

Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis - Hopefully growing these again this spring.

the mechanis butterfly

Masada - The highlight of Israel.

Built by Herod the great, Masada is an ancient fortification in southern Israel on the eastern edge of the Judean desert, overlooking the dead sea. The siege of Masada by the Romans ended in a mass suicide of 960 jewish rebels living there.

This is where we build.

Tijuana Mexico - I went there in 2000 on a Missions Trip with Amor Ministries to build a house made out of Stucco!