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All About Instagram: Fun with Filters

Photography Software Reviews. All About Instagram: Fun with Filters

this filter is perfect for a white theme it also works great on selfies! Photography Filters, Photography Editing, Photography Ideas, Instagram Theme Vsco, White Instagram Theme, Feed Vsco, Vsco Gratis, Lightroom, Photoshop Actions

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Black and white photography doesn’t attract with its play of colors, though it is still has the ability to stand out by communicating and telling the story to its viewers. Close attention to detail, composition, and lighting are the keys to create stunning black and white photos. Editing your photo in VSCO will also help

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How to create an Instagram 'theme' and maintain consistency! -

In awe of the perfectly aesthetic feeds you see on Instagram? Click to read all about how to create an Instagram theme and how to maintain it!

Taught you how to use filters VSCO been transferred out of the most popular low-key fashion color of cocoa (DARKBROWN) photos of the year let your IG suddenly become unique! Vsco Photography, Photography Filters, Photoshop Photography, Fashion Photography, Vsco Tutorial, Foto Filter, Fotografia Vsco, Vsco Hacks, Vsco Effects

【摄影】手把手教你如何使用VSCO 过滤镜调出2017 年度最流行的低调时尚的可可色 (DARKBROWN)的照片, 让你的IG顿时变得独一无二!

VSCO 是当下男女们最喜欢使用的调图,调色调的应用程式。VSCO 拥有超过100 种的调色模式, 更是设有不一样的亮度,锐度的调设,可以让大家选出属于自己的图画的色调, 然后运用VSCO, 让你拍出更美!今天,就是让小编手把手教你如何使用VSCO 过滤镜调出2017 年度最流行的低调时尚的可可色 (DARKBROWN)的照片吧!1。 HB2 这一类的过滤镜适合比较低调的朋友们,那是因为HB2过滤镜不会把图画的可可色调的过于的深色可以让整体的颜色变得非常好看!2。A4 深褐色的系列比起上一款的HB2过滤镜, 这一个 A4 过滤镜就来得比较的深色。 使用这一种的过滤镜会让人有一种凝重的感觉不过也可以让您的照片更加的生动哦!3。A5 (DARKCLEAN)A5 过滤镜的深色系列 可以给人一种清洁舒服的感觉。 A5过滤镜会让照片的背景变成偏白色(或是亮色),所以整体让人看了非常的洁净舒服4。G3 G3 过滤镜适合用于调肤色, 这一类的过滤镜可以把人体的肤色变亮适合用于人相以及食物的照片里5。M5 M5这一类的过滤镜会让整体的图画偏白色,是属于那种介于可可色和白色系列的VSCO…

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