flat iron building, one of our oldest standing buildings. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (been)


Rainbow leaves in New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada. Photo by SporlederArt

Hudson's Bay

Cold Weather Helpers: Picking the Perfect Throw Blanket

The iconic Hudson's Bay Point Blanket-I've had mine for more than 30 years!

Canadian memories...

The Friendly Giant - children's TV show, with Rusty the Rooster & Jerome the Giraffe ~ a favorite . Reminds me of my Dad, who was like a cross between The Friendly Giant & John Wayne ❤

Canadian Tire $.

Open a drawer there's some CT money. open the glove box there's some CT money. check your pockets there's some CT money (and you haven't been there in like a month!

Canadian Poster

Lake Louise Canada Travel Print - Vintage Canadian Rockies Tourism Advertising Poster - Retro Home Office Wall Decor - 7 Print Sizes

Canadian mittens :)

Little red crochet mittens hanging on a branch with some white maple leaves. Looking ready for christmas/holidays