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So you've pissed your #Pisces off, #Sucks to be you today! LMAO #truth

Pisces: "So you've pissed your off. Sucks to be you today!" So very true.

This is so true-- always treated people how thy treat me... M.W

Dealing with Zodiac Pisces-Spot on!

I would be there everyday..

To see all of my furry friends again.


Strong intuition is a skill 4 survival of all the bullshit around

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They'll forgive, but will also make sure you feel the pain that you caused them. They won't let you off the hook that easy.

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it's for very good reason. It usually takes most Pisces a few times of painful trials to learn lessons and not repeat them.

I like the sound of that. go with the flow....#pisces

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I always try to proove my feelings towards people instead of ust saying that I do, <-- Anonymous bilson.

Yep. Love music and romance and understanding. <3

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