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there is a plaque that says here you leave today and enter the world
Off to dreamland.. 🥱😴✨
a man with long hair is dancing in the snow
a cartoon character sitting on top of a bench with the caption soarin to tower we are cleared for takeoff
a castle with the words most people don't understand why i love disney so much
Disney will forever be my happy place ❤️
a large purple ball sitting in the middle of a park with text that reads, if you can read this thank the phoenicans
an empty street in front of a castle with the words, some people look for the light at the end of the tunnel i look for the castle at the end of main st
a poster with the words keep calm and dole whip in white on a purple background
Travel: Disney Dole Whip (Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free) - Gluten-Free Baking
Travel: Disney Dole Whip (Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free) - Gluten-Free Baking
an image of a castle with the quote it's kind of fun to do the impossible
Photo (.sheslikeaGHOST.)
Ok so inner Disney nerd in me says "but Walt didn't say this it was actually some random imagineer"...however the designer in me thinks it's ascetically pleasing....
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