Craftsman Fills Chicago's Potholes with Playful Mosaics of Ice Cream - My Modern Met

Craftsman Fills Chicago's Potholes with Playful Mosaics of Ice Cream

Recently, colorful works of art have been appearing within potholes along Chicago's deteriorated roadways. To make these scarred areas beautiful, artist

New Bench Rendering

Greenway Boston: 8 Porch Swings to be Installed in North End Park

The Beach at Campus Martius (Photo: PPS). TU projects can be longer term, like an entire summer, or several summers. Some purists will sniff at our including this one here, but it's temporary and designed to transform a public space, which qualifies in our book.

"The beach" Campus Martius. Not a park but fun. Bathroom at Starbucks.


Design Under Sky is a collaborative Landscape Architecture Studio directed by Adam E. Anderson with work across the globe and based in Providence Rhode Island.

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Good people of Oklahoma, see @candychang at #iqcconf next Monday:

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Artist Candy Chang spray chalked "This would be a nice place for a tree" around Chinatown to jump start the Million Trees NYC program

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A House in Allston Has Become a Public Art Project

Bright colors mark the building at 273 Western Avenue from almost a mile away. The house-turned-public art in Allston is part of a new initiative.

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After years of careful civic and arboreal cultivation, progressive LA-based art collective Fallen Fruit is set to unveil Phase Two of The Endless Orchard.

Got potholes in your street?  Plant Flowers -

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In cities across the globe, the gripe is the same: potholes take forever to get fixed and many never are. While some guerrilla activists have taken a more drastic approach, other have chosen a more subtle

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Poll: This new way of redesigning and rebuilding streets needs a name | PeopleForBikes

Poll: This new way of redesigning and rebuilding streets needs a name

Friends in the Bay Area, the Market Street Prototyping Festival happens April 9-11. Join us!

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40 engaging and innovative installations will be on display along San Francisco's Market Street during the Market Street Prototyping Festival October

#Placemaking against privatization of public space: the case of Congress Square Park  #Portland

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The Story of Congress Square Park: How A Derelict Plaza Got a New Identity Downtown - Project for Public Spaces

The folks at People for Urban Progress (PUP) in Indianapolis do some of the most interesting tactical urbanism projects around. They salvaged thousands of perfectly good seats from the city's old baseball stadium and have been installing them (with partners/sponsors) at otherwise unimproved bus stops around the city. Awesome idea.

PUP is a social enterprise nonprofit in Indianapolis.