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writing mats and other great tools to support spontaneous but complext expression - modern language musings: preparation, preparation, preparation

Spanish Roll and Write Activities for Present Tense Verbs. It includes both Regular and Irregular Verbs.

Spanish Present Tense Review Activities Roll and Write

10 Most Spoken Languages Of The World #Infographic #Languages

A detailed infographic that shares the 10 most spoken languages, The top 5 must used languages online and some additional interesting language facts.

Quelle heure est-il? #FLE   #france

Telling time in French class with linguistic supports. Could use this for an info gap activity or a speaking assessment.

Recursos para profesores de español: AS Present Tense suns mat

Sara Jaén_AS Present Tense suns mat, Spanish Present Tense Regular & Irregular verbs.

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Casa Xelaju Spanish school offers a total Spanish Immersion program in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.