Steveston Restaurants & Food Shops

Come discover all the yummy restaurants & shops in Steveston, BC!
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several sushi rolls are arranged on a black plate with a bowl in the background
Ichiro Japanese Restaurant in Steveston
Steveston Roll
several boats are docked in the water near each other on a clear day with blue skies
Steveston Village
Steveston Village in Richmond, BC
Ichiro Japanese Restaurant - BEST sushi in Steveston Patios, Best Sushi, Patio Umbrella, Umbrella, Restaurant, Patio
Ichiro Japanese Restaurant - BEST sushi in Steveston
the front of a coffee shop with chairs outside
Waves Coffee
there is a bench in front of the building that says gudrun on it
Gudrun Tasting Room - BEST wine list! Beer list is great too.
people are sitting outside at an outdoor cafe
Steveston Cannery Cafe
the front entrance to a restaurant with red doors
the front of a pizza shop with signs on it's doors and windows,
Pizza Factory
the front of a restaurant with large wooden signs on it's windows and doors
Romania Country Bread - the sign says it all.
an ice cream shop with cars parked in the window
Sara's Old Fashioned Ice Cream - check out the Once Upon A Time inspired flavours
the front of a greek restaurant with cars parked in front and on the side of the building
Kisamos Greek Taverna - lots of yummy food.
fish and chips restaurant on the corner of a street
Pat's Galley
a boat with people sitting on it in the water next to other boats and docks
Pajo's - The Wharf. Fun food and atmosphere!
a fish and chips restaurant with cars parked outside
Dave's Fish & Chips - traditional beer batter