In The Garden: David Austin's ravishing English roses

Every gardener soon or later discovers and falls in love with Austin roses.

In The Garden: Ravishing roses a scented delight

Elizabeth and Don Sheppard will cut dozens of roses from their exquisite old-fashion rose garden in Langley to take to the annual rose show put on by Vancouver Rose Society on Sunday.

In The Garden: Get to know your favourite things

It is worth identifying your favourite style and plants and decorative touches, then you can get to work creating the garden of your dreams.

Into a backyard paradise

Many people dream of having a beautiful, tranquil garden in their own backyard – a peaceful, private oasis of calm with a luxury resort-like atmosphere.

West Country Garden Tour: Trebah and Glendurgan

West Country Garden Tour: Trebah and Glendurgan

West Country Garden Tour: Into iconic Stourhead

It is such a loved place by everyone who visits that to say goodbye to the beautiful unspoiled countryside and magnificent coastal views is always a major tug on the heartstrings.

In the Garden: Romantic gardens are paradises built for love

Romantic gardens stand apart from other gardens because they have been deliberately designed and planted to engage the emotions in a powerful way that evokes feelings of passion, love and intimacy.