Steve Bens

Steve Bens

Im a Newer Photographer, Looking to have fun doing what I love, and possibly make a few bucks to support my intense hobby.
Steve Bens
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Asa Butterfield & Hailee Steinfield shooting Ten Thousand Saints

Hailee Steinfeld Wears Fake Pregnant Belly on Her Movie Set: Photo Hailee Steinfeld shows off her fake pregnant belly while filming a scene for her upcoming film Ten Thousand Saints on Thursday afternoon (May in New York City's…

Asa Butterfield!! Ender Wiggin cuando estaba en la escuadra Dragón de "Ender's Game" (El Juego de Ender)

My lil' Andrew But really I'd rather call him Ender though.

With my little sister. Isn't she cute??

Asa Butterfield- the best!

Asa Butterfield in "Ten Thousand Saints." Photo courtesy of Screen Media Films.-Wmag

Teenage actor Asa Butterfield, who starred in Scorcese's Hugo, opens up about his upcoming film roles in "Ten Thousand Saints" and "A Brilliant Young Mind.

Asa Butterfield

Ugh he’s doing the same half-face thing that Benedict does I swear he’s a mini-him ♥ Asa Butterfield ♥