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a chainsaw sitting on top of a tree stump
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Tough on the job, easy to carry. With STIHL chainsaws you're a match for any job.
a man using a chainsaw to cut wood
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Kickback is the cause of most major chain saw injuries, and it happens when the chain jams and stops in the wood. Make sure to position yourself so you won’t be in the path of the chain saw if it kicks back by standing slightly to the left side of the chain saw. Also, always keep both hands on the chain saw while cutting with a firm grip!
a man is using a chainsaw to cut logs
STIHL Tip: Your STIHL chain saw only provides top performance when your chain is sharp. If your saw chain no longer pulls itself into the wood, creates a fine sawdust or your chain saw stops cutting straight, your saw chain may be dull!
two men are walking with chainsaws on their feet and one is carrying a saw
Whether you are cutting firewood, pruning limbs or going to be taking down a whole tree, STIHL has the chain saw for you.
a man holding a chainsaw on top of a pile of wood
Did you know that November-March is the best time to cut your own firewood? This is when the water content of trees is at its lowest!
two men in orange safety gear walking through the woods
Although cartoons may make it look cool to carry an axe over your shoulder, you should never do this! Carry it with your hand under the head, with the sharp edge turned away from your body.