OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

Home Frosting: Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper. You can transfer any image onto anything, paper, fabric, wood, anything! Must remember this.

Woven Harlequin Tree (made with 32 willow cuttings).  Can't wait to try it!

Woven Harlequin Tree (made with 32 willow cuttings). Cant wait to try it! gardens-and-landscapes

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Shirring: There are many shirring tutorials out there. And a lot of them have different ideas on tension, thread length, how tightly to wind the bobbin, etc. So, in preparation.

Now I can enjoy thankgiving with out feeling guilty

Grain Free Gravy

A creamy Grain Free Gravy recipe made without starches or flours of any type. Suitable for the Paleo diet and the GAPS diet. If I could only find a biscuit replacement.

Isagenix Athletes

Isagenix Athletes Top athletes choose Isagenix products for superior nutrition and lean muscle maintenance weight-loss-secrets-revealed

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