Great bed idea #fatheroftheyear

Jeff Barrett on

A little kids hockey bed? Would they ever sleep? Or sit up playing hockey with anything and everything that resembled a puck and stick? Or, maybe they're would just have sweet hockey dreams! :) definetly my future child's bed

Tie Domi - Met him at the Flea Market and signed my bobblehead

Ranking the 50 Toughest Players in NHL History

Tie Domi - Fights and Hits

Song: Your Betrayal by Bullet for my Valentine Copyright © 2010 Sony Music Entertainment. Some awesome hits and fights from Tie Domi.

Tie Domi <3

Tie Domi as a kid

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Tie is all grins with his trophy

IMG950352.jpg (1024×819)

IMG950352.jpg (1024×819)