Storm Rosendale

Storm Rosendale

Storm Rosendale
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MLP Headcanons

MLP Headcanons "I can not cure this little filly From this day forward Her eyes will be silly.


Perfect usage for that mask . also screamed when I got that dialogue. I'm not about that again Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with strong Majora's Mask vibes

My wife left me today. Wife; "What's more important, the Cuccos or me?!" I chose Cuccos.

When chickens take over your life and end up replacing your wife 🐔 Zelda Breath of the wild

I honestly think this ends up being the case for a lot of writing.

In among the free, Margret Peterson caddis did this. (I'm pretty sure she did it on propose) she added little detail on why the government fell, and I was super mad that she didn't explain it and I went all theory crazy.


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artist- Iren Horrors i found the fucking picture cropped just like this, with no clue of the artist. i don’t steal art i share it because i like it.