Butterfly Bush

Toronto's "High Park" Sept 28 Watching the last Monarch's lap up nectar for the trip to Mexico."Butterfly Bush is a great attraction for many butterflys.

Staycation "High Park Zoo and Hike"

Touring the :High Park Zoo after ther "Capybara" escape,still ongoing.

"High Park" Monarchs

"High Park" Monarchs

Serenity in The Park

Listening to the crickets and frogs on pretty summer night on the edge of Toronto's "Grenedier Pond in "High Park.

Foggy Hike to "High Park"

My hike to Toronto's "High Park" July a family of Wood on a foggy morning a ship blows a fog horn in Humber Bay,a monar.

Hiking High Park

June hike through Toronto's "High Park",More Black Crowned Night Heron,Red Cardinal.

High Park Hike June 19th 2014

Watching a snail,King Fisher,Canada Geese Family and a Beautiful "Black Crowned Night Heron" Fishing.

Dance of the Oriole

The Orchard Orioles of "High Park" Toronto,rummaging the White Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Oriole

Toronto's High Park on a cloudy day May the Orchard Orioles dancing through the MAGIC WHITE Cherry Blossoms.

Spring 2014

Spring Flowers near "High Park" Toronto Canada.If I could have put "Smellavision" on this video I would have,the smell of these sweet spring Flowers was wond.

"High Park Hike"

April daily exercise and waiting for the "Cherry Blossoms to emerge"

Hanlons Point Ferry

Taking a ride to the Toronto Canada Islands(Hanlons Point)

Thunder Swans

Thunderstorm in Toronto's "High Park",my afternoon hike,watching a pair of Swans while it Rains.