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there is a wreath hanging on the wall
How to Make a Gorgeous Holiday Wreath
I’ve always loved the idea of hosting a wreath making party leading up to the holidays… gathering a group of friends to craft something pretty to decorate their homes, combined ...read more #kranz #weihnachten #DIY #skandinavisch
a gold bar cart filled with glasses and plates
Studio Conscious (@studio_conscious) • Instagram photos and videos
an overhead view of some glass vases on a table
an assortment of clothing on a table outside
Clothing Swap
Clothing swaps are so fun and such a great way to get new clothing without spending money on new goods. Its one of the most sustainable ways to refresh your closet.
Clothing on a clothing rack with labels to keep organized. Nice, People, Design, Clothing Rack, Event Decor, Custom Decor
Clothing Swap
You don’t need a special venue to have a clothing swap. I have hosted mine in my backyard for the last couple of years. I have used whatever I had in my house to decorate and make it look nice. I’ve even made a clothing rack out of an old pole and two ladders. You don’t need to hang items either, even if you have them nicely folded on a table or the floor, people will still have fun scavenging through. Two things I always like to use to decorate are cute homemade signs and rugs.
clothes are hanging on racks in front of a window and an old ladder is holding them
Clothing Swap
When planning a clothing swap make sure you develop guidelines. We definitely don’t want any smelly or stained clothing to show up in the swap so don’t be afraid to ask people to wash the clothing beforehand. Make sure to make a list of items that should not come to the swap. Ask people to bring their items on hangers and make sure everyone's hangers are marked to ensure they get them back at the end of the event.
a happy swappling banner hanging from the side of a building with wood slats
Clothing Swap Party
We host a clothing swap every summer and we have combined some of our favourite tips on how to throw a successful party.