23 Pins
a bathroom with a toilet, shower and bathtub
Clean decor
an open sliding door in the middle of a room with hardwood floors and white walls
Barn Door
a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink in it's center area is shown
Bathroom Inspo
a white toilet sitting under a bathroom mirror next to a wooden counter top with flowers on it
Powder Room
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a wall mounted shower faucet
Modern bathroom tile
a white toilet sitting next to a wooden dresser under a round mirror in a bathroom
Modern Farmhouse IKEA bathroom
a bathroom sink sitting on top of a wooden dresser next to a wall mounted mirror
Upcycled Dresser turned Vanity
Turning a dresser into a stunning bathroom vanity – a testament to the beauty of upcycling and creative transformations! ♻️
a white toilet sitting next to a blue cabinet in a bathroom on top of a wooden floor
Navy Blue Vanity
a faucet that is sitting on top of a sink
Bathtub with Hexagon Tile
Modern bathtub with chrome fawcets and white marble hexagon tile
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and bathtub in white marbled flooring
Guest Bathroom Inspiration
Marble tiles with a floating dark wooden vanity & black accents
a shower head and hand shower in a white bathroom with marble tiles on the walls
Marble Tile Shower
Black finishes are trending and we are loving seeing them in your bathrooms
a bathroom with a glass shower stall and wood flooring, along with a toilet
Light Wood & Black Finishes
a white bathroom with black hearts on the shower curtain and vanity mirror, along with a toilet
Bright and Beautiful Bathroom
Light wood is back in! The light wood with hexagon marble tiles and pops of black accents & decor ties this sweet bathroom together
a white bathtub sitting next to a window in a bathroom with marble flooring
Curved Soaker Tub
Soak your worries away in this curved stand-alone soaker tub with a black free standing faucet surrounded by marble tiled walls