18 Pins
a small white house sitting on top of a lush green field
Modern two story
a white house with black garage doors and a trailer parked in front of the house
Modern Farmhouse
Modern one story farmhouse on a slab
a large white house sitting in the middle of a lush green field under a blue cloudy sky
Monochrome Modern Exterior
Luxury and simplicty combined with beautiful landscaping.
a blue house with white trim and two windows on the front door, lights above the doorway
Exterior lighting
Cottage exterior
a house that is sitting on top of a wooden deck
Modern Cottage
Modern cottage with wrap around deck dark gray exterior / black windows
an aerial view of a tiny house in the woods
Modern Cottage
This cottage is to die for! Beautiful vaulted ceilings and a spacious wrap around deck with a modern exterior
a house with white railings and wooden steps
Deck Inspiration
Pressure treated wooden deck with regal white aluminum railings
a house is shown in the middle of a dirt lot
Modern Exterior
Burnt orange & black exterior with stone accents and black windows
a small gray house with white trim and stairs
Modern Bungalow
two windows are shown on the side of a wooden building that is made out of plywood
Cedar Shakes and Black Window Trim
Add some dimention to your home exterior by adding natrual cedar shakes
a gray house with white windows and black shutters on the front door is shown
Craftsman Bungalow
Beige exterior with stone accents and white window trim
a welcome sign on the front door of a house with flowers and a wreath hanging from it's side
Welcome Home
Black & beige exterior
a black front door with three panes of glass on the side and bottom panel
Welcome Home
Wood inspired vinyl siding around entryway with black and white exterior finishes
a large white building sitting on top of a lush green field
Modern One Story
One story open concept house on a slab with white & black exterior finshes & a unique sloped roof