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a camera sitting on top of a wooden table
an image of a remote control with lights on the front and back side of it
Handheld 3D Scanner
Now 3D scanning is never been easier with this compact and portable 3D scanner. Easy to use and operate, it has advance camera design and layout; to ensure all the detail will be captured nicely; this device is simply amazing.
an image of a black and white computer case with a camera on it's side
High Performance 3D Printer
Turn you idea and design into an actual product with this advance and professional 3D printer. Develop for professional purpose and high performance, it has all the advance features that you ever need to turn your design into reality.
a tripod with a camera attached to it on top of a white background,
Professional Compact 3D Scanner
This compact 3D scanner is truly amazing, in its small size, it has all the advance technology that you expected from a professional 3D scanner. Simple to operate, accurate measurement and professional platform, it is one peace of advance technology.
a white box sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and other items
Functional Engraving and Blade Cutting Machine
Lets your design and artistic idea become real with this amazing laser engraving and blade cutting machine ! It features 3-in-1 laser cutting, laser engraving and blade cutting into one module. With high accuracy, easy to use software, auto focus and much more !!!!
the blinds are closed and there is no blind in sight on the window sill
Smart Blind Tilt Device
Let technology help you out even in small details in your living; like this smart blind tilt device. You can control it in different including smart app, you can also set your own schedule. Powered by solar, through its solar panel, it is a smart and convenience device to have.
an image of a white and blue 3d printer
Professional 3D Printer
Turn your design into reality with this amazing and advance 3D printer from Creality. Build to professional level, it has all the technologies that you need to complete your project. You will surprise how functional this machine is !!
an image of a green machine on a white background
Cool Laser Engraving Machine
Extend your imagination and creativity with this advance laser engraving machine. It has two powerful lasers; IR and diode into one machine. Extremely accurate and finest in small details ; it is an impressive tool.
an image of a 3d printing machine
Advance 3D Printer
Turn your ideal and design into an art piece with this professional 3-in-1 3D printer ! It is design to create the highest quality product, along with its advance and functional features. An ideal choice for art and project.
an image of a machine that is on display
Handheld Laser Engraving Etching Machine
Make your job easier with this handheld laser engraving-etching machine. It is easy to carry with functional touch screen software. It has high precision for marking with their advance control system. There are many other features, it is ready whenever you need it.
the creality 3d printer is shown on a white background
Advance 3D Printer
Create your own imagination with this professional 3D printer. Build with convenience features and design; along with cutting-edge technologies, it is made to perform. With durable structure, it is reliable to perform whenever you need.