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a blue and black device sitting on top of a rock in front of a purple background
Cool Bluetooth Earbud
Look for a cool bluetooth earbud? Have a look at this modern earbud with charging dock ! Future technology -inspired design, it offers high quality sound and amazing features. This earbuds is sure something different from others.
an mp3 player is shown in front of a white background
Portable Stainless Steel Music Player
Listen to your favourite music with this amazing portable music player, will give an unique audio experience. Build with stainless steel case, it features advance hi-resolution audio technology; with different modes, large and clear touch screen, smooth wireless technology, impressive details and quality and many other features.
two black earbuds are connected to an external charger and one is plugged in
Bluetooth Earbuds with detachable battery
Bluetooth earbuds has become one of our popular devices, but this one is different from others; its battery can be detached and changeable. Now you can continue to use it, while other battery is charging in the charging case. Cool?
an electronic device with ear buds next to it
Modern Blueooth Earbuds
Simple and elegant style, this bluetooth earbuds is a good choice. Also functional with features such as smooth bluetooth 5.0 technology, large LED display, smart touch feature, premium audio, use it as emergency mobile phone charger and etc.
the earphones are in an open case
Advance Bluetooth Earbuds
If you are looking for bluetooth earbuds; this one is truly amazing. With advance technologies such as premium sound, transparency mode, noise cancelling, use it as emergency charging device and many other features.
a close up of a camera on top of a plastic case with a helmet in the background
Cool Bluetooth Earbuds
If you are looking for a bluetooth earbuds with style, this is the one for you. Available in different color, they are have the unique modern-tech style. It also comes with advance technology for clear audio, RGB light and can opener as well.
two black ear buds sitting on top of a white table next to a round object
Cool Bluetooth Earbuds
This bluetooth earbuds is just stands out from other; not only its design, but also its quality as well. The material on the earbuds and part of the charging case is aluminum. Simple abstract design with premium sound quality, this is one -of-a kind piece.
an electronic device is shown with its case open and it's plugged in
Bluetooth Earbuds - BT 5.2
We have this bluetooth earbuds using advance bluetooth 5.2 technology with premium sound quality, large informative display LED battery info display, use as power bank for cell phone charging port and flashlight. What do you think?