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an electronic device is plugged into the charger
12 bays Charging Dock
We have this 12 bays - portable battery charging dock. Design for maximum convenience, each portable battery pack has charging cables. If you have an office or commercial, this charging dock will gives your customer or visitor a peace of mind.
an external hard drive attached to a wall mounted device with the same design on it
Charing Dock with Portable Battery Packs
This is a large charging dock with 8 portable battery pack. Each of the portable battery pack has 8000 mAh capacity and each of them has charging cables for iPhone and Android devices. This is one functional product available !
a coffee mug sitting on top of a table filled with coffee beans
A Smart Mug
Introducing this smart coffee mug. It can be charge wirelessly, it will automatically maintain the temperature in certain range of your drink, and maintain its taste. Very easy to use and let bring some new idea to your everyday life!