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Cute couple

I love all things girly and sissy. I love hypno, kinky sex, satin and latex, vinyl leather, ruffles bows stockings heels collars and makeup.

so feeling sexy

It's too late he's deep inside me so dressing us up has back fired it's me he wants so it's me he's got not you Auntie !

NSFW (I do post some nudes) of cross dressers, transvestites, shemales, transgender and gender fluid. I feature femininity in its many forms. A safe place for all. i'm Two Spirit or genderfluid, pansexual and exploring gender roles.

My Favourite Humiliation Captions : Photo

I'm Christine Bellejolais, someone who likes to dress like a girl but isn't supposed to. There's a lot more to me than that, but I won't bother you with anything else while we're here. This will be all about me wearing pretty things.

TransGender / TGirl / CrossDress / Transvestite / Shemale / Sissy / Babes / Dominas - All very Feminine - only full body shots - exactly 42624 pics.