This is an international dessert if there ever was one! Taking baklava, a dessert with origins in Turkey, and combining it with orange blossom water (found in mostly North African and Middle Eastern c

This recipe for Spiced Chocolate Mousse Bombes will easily turn your kitchen into a fine pastry shop. Everybody you know will be head over heels for these, so make sure your head still fits through th

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Dans la cuisine test Redpath, on s’affaire à préparer des recettes pour le repas le plus important de la semaine: le brunch! Ces chaussons au citron, amande et fromage ricotta sont légers comme u

The Redpath Test Kitchen is preparing for one of the most important meals of the week: brunch! These Ricotta Cheesecake Turnovers are as light as a cloud, and a deliciously sweet way to enjoy your nex

Que ce soit pour débuter ou terminer la journée, rien de mieux qu’un bon beignet encore chaud. Garni d’une crème pâtissière au chocolat et cardamome, c’est le bonheur à chaque bouchée. Av

Whether you’re starting, finishing or simply trying to get through the day, we love a soft, fried beignet to keep us going. Filled with an aromatic chocolate cardamom cream, this beignet recipe is t

When you're learning to bake with puff pastry for the first time, this is an easy and delicious recipe to make. Red wine poached pears are already delicious on their own, now imagine them wrapped in l