days end

Days End, Odd Shaped Red Barn - lol, really people - this is called a grain elevator!

Alberta, Canada

Abandoned grain elevator in southern Alberta Canada.

Grain elevator

'Home Grain' Company built this capacity elevator at Bellis, Alberta. It was one of nearly "standard" grain elevators which were built across western Canada between the and the

Northern lights on the prairie, by the grain elevators. " DAYS GONE BY "  Glen Scrimshaw.   @deb rouse schwedhelm Keller via Patsy Aubuchon

Aptly titled "Days Gone By", this piece depicts twin prairie sentinels bathed in the cool light of a full winter moon, while the glow of the northern lights radiates down from above.

The Bents Elevator -  icon of the Canadian prairies

The Bents Elevator - Saskatchewan.the grain elevators in Saskatchewann.hope to take my kids to see these icon of the Canadian prairies before they're all gone!

October 1990 - Because there was no work at the grain elevators, Chris left town and resumed a nomadic existence.

Prairie grain elevator - where the wheat is stored for transport