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Colorful Basket

A young Mursi Girl with a beautiful basket on her head. Lower Omo valley Ethiopia

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Photo in EXPLORE on Augustus 22, 2011 Kenya - Kenia - Chalbidesert - Gabbra - Chalbi woestijn - Rendille tribe - Rendille stam On black: The Rendille tribe inhabits the arid region of northern Kenya. Just like the Borana, they are classified under the broad Eastern Cushitic peoples and have Ethiopia are their original homeland. They were compelled to migrate down south to northern Kenya due to increased rivalry and conflicts with…

Samburu National Park

This photo from North Eastern, East is titled 'Young Samburu Girl'.

Mursi girl - Omo valley

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The Anunnaki Ancient Alien Origins Of The Mayan Calendar Explained

Alternative Ancient History Of The Anunnaki Ancient Alien Origins Of The Mayan Calendar and 2012 Phenomenon explained

portrait child hamer tribe, near tumi, lower omo valley, ethiopia.

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History Of The Pre-Colonial Kingdoms Of Africa | Interesting History Facts

The History of Africa's Pre-Colonial Kingdoms and Empires as well as their significance in African History

Southern Ethiopia

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65 portraits of different cultures around the world

You think you see different cultures when you leave your home town and drive 30 minutes to a family road

Wodaabe Gerewol in Niger

The Wodaabe are a nomadic people populating the Sahel desert of West Africa. Once a year in a few select locations, their tribe gathers to celebrate the amazing spectacle of Gerewol.

Mwila giant necklace - Angola

Mwila (or Mwela, Mumuhuila, or Muhuila) women are famous for their very special hairstyles. Hairstyles are very important and meaningful in Mwila culture. Women coat their hair with a red paste called, oncula, which is made of crushed red stone. They also put a mix of oil, crushed tree bark, dried cow dung and herbs on their hair. Besides they decorate their hairstyle with beads, cauri shells (real or plastic ones) and even dried food. Shaving the forehead is considered as a sign of beauty…

Kachipo girl with modern earplugs and scarifications

The Kachipo are a medium sized tribal group in south-eastern South Sudan, living on the plateau east of Boma, towards the Ethiopian border, some live even in Ethiopia. They are related to both Surma and Mursi tribal groups, living in Ethiopia, with whom they share the practice of cutting the lower lip of adolescent girls in order to insert a lipplate. Unfortunately, the group I met, was heavily worked upon by missionaries, who have forbidden cutting the lip, wearing traditional clothes…

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I bought a book (Lord forgive me but I forgot the title) of photography of African women. The photography is lovely but it's a bit grainy because of my scanner. I thought you guys might like the photos so I'm sharing them. Disclaimer: Not all of the photos are worksafe. This post is picture heavy…