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OH GODS THIS IS AWKWARD...~~> This is cute, but I wouldn't weave it into the story.

This is actually a cool headcanon but Rick wrote a deleted scene for The Last Olympian where Grover and Percy found Nancy passed out on the streets of Manhattan with the rest of the mortals. 1200x e0 0c 01 e00c011eb34ffd5e2edc684bcf50257a.jpg

What would your reaction be if the titan war actually happened right their with police directing traffic←←i would be fighting with Athena's Cabin.<--<--- I'd fight with my brothers and cousins Brothers: Percy Tyson Cousins: Thalia Jason Nico etc.

Annabeth wouldn't run away in shock and pain. She would stick her weapon through Percy's throat

Mr Persassius Jackson wins the best boyfriend award for the 183883663737383652617188231516718918726525425627738382882726628277254144155141672829900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 in a row

His way of destressing

PΣRCΨ ШILL ΠΣ∇ΣR GRΩШ UP<<ok I get the motive behind the Greek letters with the name but could we stop that because it doesn't mean what you think

Am I the only one who thought of Mulan? Yeah, okay then..

Am I the only one who thought of Mulan?<<because it's a reference to Mulan you unflavored almond.


I'm imagining piper looking at Percy and Annabeth and wondering if there's any chance Jason would hav made the same choice for her, or if Percabeth romance is a one time occurrence

Well, I guess, he would be sad after Book 3 of ToA....

Well, I guess, he would be sad after Book 3 of ToA....

These are hilarious!!!

Personally, I prefer Greek fighting, because there's less formation and rigidness put into it, and it gives you more room to do what's natural to you. I'm a very spontaneous person, so it suits me.