Short animation projects. Finished or not.
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Animated short, trailer.
I am so excited to be finishing this animation soon! To stay updated check out my channel - sundropstudios.
the cover for hiding in the blue, with an image of a bat flying through the sky
Dragon Animated short, trailer
#animation #dragon
Bird animation
Animated short - Noisy Neighbours
This animated short film took me about 6 months to make.
an animated short film title with a cartoon turtle crawling on the ground in front of a cave
Animated short film - Noisy Neighbours on YouTube
This short took me about 6 months of on and off working.
Dragon animation
Procreate animation, summer time
A whale sitting in a lil pool
Animation project, testing out the new Toonsquid app
Animated short sneak peek
An animation project created in ToonSquid
Animation test