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Digital art by lonely lantern. Digital art and progress videos, inspiration to create your next piece.
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First time printing stickers, fox stickers
Ive never gotten my stickers printed with a printing company before, I usualy hand make all my stickers. Im so happy with them!
a digital painting of a bird with feathers on it's back and wings spread out
Forest dragon sketch. Digital painting in procreate. Digital art. Dragon.
I got carried away with this one. It was suposed to be an easy sketch, but i guess thats not a bad thing.
an artistic painting of clouds and birds flying in the blue sky above some mountain tops
Digital art. Little cloud study. Getting back into art
Painting some seaside clouds in procreate. Digital landscape painting.
a drawing of a woman standing next to a dragon
Dragon and princes digital art
I was feeling inspired but didnt have enough time to finish a full painting.
a black bird sitting on top of a pumpkin in front of trees and sunflowers
Fall draw with me video, digital painting
a painting of a crow sitting on top of a pumpkin in front of trees and sunflowers
Fall digital painting, digital art
I’ve been wanting to create some autumn art and I finaly made the time to do it!🍁 - SunDropStudios
an image of a phone with the words draw with me hello fall
Welcoming Fall
Draw with me, youtube video
a painting of a dragon with its head in another dragon's tail, looking at it
Smaugust final day 15, precious
#smaugust #smaug
a painting of a dragon carrying a stuffed animal on its back, with the sky in the background
Smaugust day 14, owl
an animal that is standing in the woods with wings on it's back legs
Smaugust day 13, deer
a drawing of a red dragon reading a book with the caption'rompt i'm empty '
Smaugust day 12, empty
a painting of two animals in the ocean
Smaugust day 11, wave
an illustration of a cat sitting on top of a tree branch next to a lit candle
Smaugust day 9, insect
Smaugust day 10, s’mores