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My dream was simple! I wanted all my students to become leaders. And you know what? It's not as hard as you think! As parents and educators, our job is to help kids embrace their Muslim identity, love Allah, and see Prophet Muhammad as their role model. This creates confident, happy kids who truly love Allah. I'm so proud and grateful to have amazing students like you in my classes. You're the living legacy of our shared mission—to raise leaders for our community. And I'm blessed to have parents who are on the same page, working together to make this dream a reality.
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Unveiling Heather: A Beacon of Future Brilliance
Heather, a seemingly nonchalant student, conceals immense intelligence and potential, embodying the hope for a bright future through his unique approach to learning. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Heather's dedication and brilliance shine through, promising to fulfill aspirations and make a significant impact on the world. #sunnahcamp #trending #starkids #appreciationpost #leadershipdevelopment
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Sunnah Camp Rising Star
Shifa, wise and kind, guides with grace, Her love for learning lights up space. In her presence, fears erase.
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Sunnah Camp Rising Stars
Sitina, a rising star, shines bright in every role she plays: sister, daughter, and dedicated student. She's the kind of student who always submits her homework assignments promptly, and this Ramadan, she stepped up to present live during our Ramadan legacy session. Surprisingly, she delivered her speech with such confidence and poise, you'd think she's a seasoned public speaker. At just 8 years old, Sitina has accomplished a lot. She's learned about the Prophet's life (Seerah), memorized Salah, and recited Surah Al-Mulk and Surah Ar-Rahman with translation. She's also well-versed in matters of cleanliness (Wudu and Tahara) and nurturing a pure heart (Qalb e Saleem).
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Sunnah Camp Rising Stars
Aliya, 8 years old, has accomplished a lot in just one year. Most importantly, she has learned how to perform Salah with translation. On her 7th birthday, her parents organized a special Salah party to celebrate her achievement. During live sessions, Aliya is active, attentive, and engaged. She enjoys participating in positive competitions and especially loved the goal-setting workshop. Can you imagine all this from a 7-year-old? Are you encouraging your child to dream big? Remind them to aim high, reach for the stars, and strive for greatness.
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Sunnah Camp Rising Stars!
Meet Meerab, who is a teenager eager to learn, put things into action, and take on leadership roles within the Muslim community. Meerab won our goal-setting event, showing not just big dreams but also a smart way to achieve them. Meerab is on her way to becoming a great scholar, and this is thanks to her parents' active involvement when she was younger. Alhamdulillah for having Meerab, who represents the legacy we're building at Sunnahcamp, one child at a time.
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Sunnah Camp Star Kids
Today, I proudly introduce you to Muhammad Zayan, a 10-year-old sheikh in the making. Since his very first year at Sunnahcamp, I recognized Allah's blessing in him, and I knew my role was to nurture his skills and passions. Now, Zayan possesses a profound understanding of the Quran, Seerah, and the noble character of the companions, alongside the fervor of a great leader. At Sunnahcamp, we empower our students not only to recite Salah with translation but also to lead prayers, deliver Khutbahs, and even perform funeral prayers.What could be a greater source of pride for any parent than to see their child leading the funeral prayer of a loved one? Alhamdulillah for the blessings of knowledge and leadership within our youth.
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SunnahCamp Creator
Imagine witnessing an 8-year-old boy passionately sharing his favorite verses from the Quran and explaining their meanings, all while inspiring you to engage in righteous deeds. Musab's journey began at the tender age of 3 and a half, and by the time he turned 5, he had already mastered the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). MashaAllah, Musab has not only memorized Salah with translation but also cherishes every moment spent in prayer. He has committed Ayatul Kursi, Duas for different occasions, and the translation and Tafseer of Surah Al-Mulk to memory, among many other Quranic treasures.
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Sunnah Camp Star!
Meet Sarah, a Sunnahcamper in our "Sunshine" program, who has now advanced to the next level at camp. At 8 years old, Sarah serves as an admin responsible for recording and posting weekly homework for her peers. She has memorized many Quranic surahs with translation and understanding, loves her brother dearly, and teaches him good values to help him become a better person. MashAllah! Sarah is teaching a good deed a day this Ramadan. Your child can learn with Sarah this Ramadan inshaAllah
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Sunnah camp STar
I cannot describe the joy of seeing my students exceed even my highest expectations. Meet Khalil, who joined Sunnahcamp at the age of 5 and is now 10 years old, MashAllah. This Ramadan, Khalil is teaching a hadith a day. Join his lessons, show your sons, and help them become the true men of Islam – not the stereotypical "mullah" type, but confident, compassionate leaders.
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Sunnah Camp Rising Star
Close your eyes and imagine your 6-year-old teaching Asma ul Husna, the beautiful names of Allah, every day for thirty days. Picture yourself in Sajdah, thanking Allah for this blessing – for helping your child not only understand who their Lord is but also empowering them to speak confidently in public about Allah's greatness. Now, when your child is with their non-Muslim friends at school, they feel no shyness or inferiority because they understand their value and identity as servants of Allah. Meet Saleah, a 6-year-old Sunnahcamper who teaches one name of Asma ul Husna every day during Ramadan. I highly recommend making this a daily activity for you and your child throughout Ramadan. Watch Saleah's videos, learn, and inspire your child to take a leading role in serving the Ummah.
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Sunnah Camp Star
Sunnah's Luminary: The Journey of a Star Student ✴ A huge shoutout to our student Samim! He's been a part of Sunnahcamp for three years now and has shown remarkable dedication. Despite living in Europe, he even travelled to Niagara Falls just to meet his teachers. MashAllah, Samim is truly an emerging leader. What's the secret to Samim's success? It's his mother's Duas and his teachers recognizing his talent and role in making the world a better place. Parents, don't let your child's childhood slip away while you're too busy. They won't be children forever, and once they're teenagers, it'll be too late. The time to take action is now.