Mount baskets on the wall using 3M hooks to store centers off valuable table space.

Classroom setup and organization - paperwork, daily activities, Reading, Math, technology {from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron}

Outlaw "I'm Done" in Your Classroom!

Outlaw "I'm Done" in Your Classroom!

Get rid of fast finishers and busy work! Make your instructional time count by getting rid of the "I'm done" mentality and watch your students work improve! (This for elementary school, but it can be adapted for upper grades.

La routine de tous les jours (Daily routines)

Learn French online with the Rocket French free trial. Learning French is fast and easy with our audio course, software and French language lessons.

La rentrée - Je me présente - All about me - Back to school

La rentrée scolaire - Je me présente - Me voici - All about me - Back to school

Livres audios en français

The French Experiment! Website with children's stories narrated in FRENCH ! French grammar helps and children's stories :) For those of us. can't read French very well :P

Il fait beau! (comptine et activités pour le son "au/eau") French phonics

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