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Teacher Resources

Collection by Superman Duffy


Free downloadable resources from the Alberta Canola Producers' Commission, suitable for grades K-12. Curriculum friendly.

Biofuels, Choice or Necessity? Alternative Energy Sources, Teacher Resources, Chemistry, Jet, Choices, Teaching, Education, Alternative Power Sources, Alternative Sources Of Energy

Biofuels, Choice or Necessity? - Learn Canola

Biofuels are described as clean burning, non-toxic and biodegradable. With such obvious benefits associated with this alternative energy source, why is its use sometimes considered to be controversial? This resource explores the chemistry of biodiesel production and its economic, social and environmental implications. Students consider to what extent biodiesel can be considered a “better” choice...

The Skinny on Fats - Learn Canola Teacher Resources, Curriculum, Fat, Messages, Teaching, Skinny, Education, Resume, Teaching Plan

The Skinny on Fats - Learn Canola

In recent years, a new message about fat has emerged – the type of fat in the diet is also important. However, how do consumers sift through the various messages about saturated, unsaturated, trans, fat-free or fat-reduced labelling and content? Why should students know and understand the implications of the choices they make when they...

Comparison of Dietary Fats - Learn Canola Clogged Arteries, Trans Fat, Sunflower Oil, Good Fats, The Villain, Saturated Fat, Teacher Resources, Weight Gain, Curriculum

Comparison of Dietary Fats - Learn Canola

Despite the commonly held impression that fats are bad for you, fat isn’t always the villain in our diets. Some fats, such as trans fats and saturated fats, do indeed contribute to weight gain and clogged arteries. However, good fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats have the opposite effect. They are in fact helping...

Choose Heart-Healthy Cooking Oils With Healthy Fats - Heart Health Center - Everyday Health Anti Inflammatory Oils, Nordic Diet, Eat And Run, Rapeseed Oil, Diet Supplements, Healthy Oils, Healthy Cooking, Fat Foods, Canola Oil

Is Canola Oil Safe ? - Learn Canola

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP,an accomplished and well-known medical doctor, is the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. His article in the U.S. News & World Report contains a thoughtful and easily read article responding to concerns about GMOs and canola oil. It’s a very worthwhile read for anyone posing or facing questions about GM canola. https://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2014/09/22/cooking-oils-overcooked

Biodiesel - policy changes - Learn Canola Government Of Canada, Policy Change, What Is Need, Teacher Resources, Curriculum, Jet, Student, Education, Learning

Biodiesel - policy changes - Learn Canola

The Government of Canada is involved with setting policy and supporting research into bioenergy and renewable diesel fuels. Biodiesel-Policy Changes helps students researching this topic to better understand what is needed to create and sustain a ‘Made In Canada’ biodiesel industry. Effective government policy development requires the input and involvement of those who will be affected by proposed changes. Biodiesel-Policy Changes provides...

Easy DNA Extraction - Learn Canola Teacher Resources, Dna, Learning, Easy, Studying, Teaching, Onderwijs, Gout

Easy DNA Extraction - Learn Canola

Just follow these seven simple steps to find DNA! Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is the molecule that codes genetic information in most living organisms. Some bacteria use RNA for their genetic code, but any other living organism will work as a DNA source for this project. Materials: While you can use any DNA source, some work especially well...

CTS FODS 1000+ - Learn Canola Teacher Resources, Learning, Studying, Teaching, Onderwijs

CTS FODS 1000+ - Learn Canola

CTS FODS 1000+ - Learn Canola

CTS FODS 3000+ - Learn Canola Teacher Resources, Learning, Desserts, Food, Tailgate Desserts, Deserts, Studying, Essen, Postres

CTS FODS 3000+ - Learn Canola

CTS FODS 3000+ - Learn Canola

Urbanization & Agriculture - Learn Canola Land Use, Future Trends, Willis Tower, Teacher Resources, Social Studies, Agriculture, Skyscraper, Past, Community

Urbanization & Agriculture - Learn Canola

This resource explores changes in western Canadian agriculture, beginning with the establishment of farms and continuing with the role of immigration and technology, in the context of issues related to urbanization, land use and future trends. As farming communities disappear and technology changes the direction of the industry, questions about the future of farming arise....

Climate Change & Agriculture - Learn Canola Biomes, Cloud 9, Teacher Resources, Climate Change, Agriculture, Curriculum, Sustainability, Encouragement

Climate Change & Agriculture - Learn Canola

This resource encourages students to explore how human activity has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on biomes. It develops and builds on key concepts that include climatic factors, patterns and change. Students also explore the relationship and potential impact of human activity – through the lens of agriculture – on climate patterns...

Body Image & Food Choices - Learn Canola Healthy Fats, Healthy Choices, Peer Pressure, Body Image, Life Skills, Teacher Resources, Curriculum, This Or That Questions, Student

Body Image & Food Choices - Learn Canola

This resource explores influences on food choices that come from media messages, body image and peer pressures. Students examine personal food choices and develop strategies they can use to make healthy choices. They research the effects of making specific food choices through the context of healthy fats and fatty acid content in foods and expand...

Sustainability & Agriculture - Learn Canola Selective Breeding, Wise Decisions, 12th Book, Teacher Resources, Cactus Plants, Agriculture, Sustainability, Teaching, Cacti

Sustainability & Agriculture - Learn Canola

This resource helps students explore sustainability through topics such as selective breeding and the consequences of monocultural land use. It develops and builds on key concepts that include the needs and uses of plants, chemical and biological controls, plant varieties, selective breeding, monocultures and sustainability. Students also explore how changes in technology – including genetics...

Biotechnology & Biological Diversity - Learn Canola Use Of Technology, Biotechnology, Teacher Resources, Diversity, This Or That Questions, Science, Teaching, Education

Biotechnology & Biological Diversity - Learn Canola

This resource explores the impact of biotechnology, focused on agricultural products, on human health and well being as well as on the environment and biodiversity. Students examine biotechnology and explore different perspectives that have created controversy and stimulated much discussion on the issue. The use of canola as an example of a genetically engineered product...

Fields of Home StoryScape - Learn Canola Creative Thinking, Teacher Resources, Social Studies, Curriculum, The Fosters, Fields, Jet, Encouragement, Knowledge

Fields of Home StoryScape - Learn Canola

FIELDS OF HOME is a StoryScapes mini-unit based on an adaptation of the Storyline strategy. Storyline is a teaching method that encourages students to build and explore understandings and deepen their appreciation and knowledge of topics or concepts. The Storyline approach fosters critical and creative thinking, democratic practices and skills, curiosity and self-directed learning – all essential...

Grade 4 Grow Guide - Learn Canola Land Use, Teacher Resources, Activities, Learning, Studying, Teaching, Onderwijs

Grade 4 Grow Guide - Learn Canola

In this Grow Guide, students explore ways that people interact with their environment, including relationships to the land and its resources, the importance of plants and agriculture, and the human activities involved in the production and distribution of food. Students explore canola crops as one example of plant sources that are used for food.