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a watercolor painting of a dog with flowers around it and the words in a perfect world, every home would have a dog
a dog sitting in front of a lake at sunset
'Just act normal'😄
Smart golden
a dog looking up at the sky with a quote on it saying, when the world around me is going crazy, i just have to look at my dog to know that good
Many people will relate to this quote.
a black and white photo of a dog reaching out its paw to someone's hand
a brown dog laying on top of a bed next to a white pillow with the caption do you ever look at your dog and think how did i get so lucky?
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a dog with its head on the back of another dog's shoulder, and a quote that reads whoever says it's only a dog has obvobusily never loved a dog
Dog love
a person holding a dog in their hand with the caption no matter what life throws at you
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a dog laying on top of a bed with its eyes closed
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