Magnetic money math board...Fun way for students to practice counting change!

Money piggy bank - cookie sheet, glue coins to magnets. Could have them make the amount on the piggy bank.

Money is so hard for kindergarteners - this money poem will be a big help!

Money is a tough concept for my firsties so I am always looking for a way to get it across a little better. The money poem is a big help - but the Honey Bunny money song has been a HUGE hit.pdf for them.

i like money

Money Change rules for second grade.must identify coins to keep. If get a bankrupt only that child loses coins. End of game must add up the totals each child has, winner is the one with the highest value.

money games for K -2 square image

Free money games for K-2 - with American, Canadian, and Australian coins

These counting coins activities are so versatile! For kids just learning to recognize coins all the way up to kids counting quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.