Lapbook for Joy Hakims book series A History of US Book 1 The First Americans Ch. 7 Native American Crafts: Tlingit and Haida Art. Paper Piecing art project for kids

Totem Poles! this would be a great collaborative project.

DREAM DRAW CREATE Art Lessons for Children: Totem Poles Grades 7 & 8 This would fit well into the BC Socials curiculum on Aboriginal education - is it or

Proud to be Primary's A Trip Across Canada ~ Canadian Province, Territories, & Mapping social studies unit. Teach your students about the 13 Canadian province and territories and about Canadian geography and mapping!

Canada {Provinces, Territories, & Mapping} Unit

A Canadian symbols unit that can be taught to primary students. It includes art, reading, book suggestions, and more.

We are so blessed to live in Canada I am so thankful God saw fit for me to be born here:)

Well it's Remembrance Day Today in Canada, a day that as a country, we remember the fallen soldiers that fought for our country's freedom and the freedom of others.